Nine out of nine in the top tier of Mediators section in Legal 500 2016

Independent Mediators are very proud to announce that all 9 of our members have been listed in tier one of the mediators section in the new edition of Legal 500 released this week. This is a tremendous achievement for all.

We are delighted with the rankings and are extremely grateful to all our instructing solicitors and clients for their support in helping us to both achieve and maintain them.

Full listings for each of our Mediators can be found below.

Charles Dodson at Independent Mediators is ‘a sound and pragmatic mediator; he handles tense mediations with professionalism and sensitivity, and is also approachable’. Dodson ‘is not afraid to try different things and also understands the commercial and legal issues at play; this combination of talent and approach makes him very effective’. Dodson recently acted on professional indemnity, corporate takeovers, insurance and reinsurance cases, as well as tort and contract, and international asset tracing disputes.

Phillip Howell-Richardson at Independent Mediators has over 26 years of experience mediating the most complex cases in the UK and internationally. ‘His reputation as a top mediator is well deserved and he is a valuable asset to any team; Phillip also has a brilliant legal mind and quickly grasps the core issues of disputes and key interests of parties’. He is also praised for ‘his genuine interest in the parties and the case’.

Kate Jackson at Independent Mediators has developed a strong reputation in the banking and finance sector; she also acts in general commercial, professional negligence, property and employment cases, and is ‘the ideal mediator for complex disputes, bridging unbridgeable gaps without clients feeling pressured’.

The ‘very effective’ Michel Kallipetis QC at Independent Mediators ‘has sound knowledge of the legal issues at play in disputes, and his willingness to listen and take on board issues and discuss them with parties is one of his real strengths’. He is also ‘particularly suited to complex matters and very good at managing difficult people — a great skill for a mediator to possess’.

For large and complex mediations, Mark Lomas QC at Independent Mediators is highly recommended by clients; Lomas mediates regularly in all commercial, common law and related fields, but has a standout reputation for professional negligence cases. He is ‘very good at exploring innovative approaches to secure a settlement’.

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones at Independent Mediators is ‘an excellent mediator’ who handles claims for restitution based on fraud, breaches of restrictive covenants by departing employees, and professional negligence claims; he is often involved in insolvency disputes and continues to develop expertise in construction and property matters. ‘His style combines a rigorous intellectual approach to testing both sides’ cases with a facilitative, encouraging, charming manner that prevents parties from becoming disillusioned or giving up on negotiations’.

‘Rightly regarded as being at the top of the tree’, Bill Marsh at Independent Mediators has been involved full-time in mediation since 1991. He is ‘patient and willing to work really hard to discover the strengths and weaknesses in each argument presented by parties’. He is also ‘appreciated for being able to persuade disputants to come up with constructive solutions’. In 2016, Marsh received the Archbishop of Canterbury’s inaugural Hubert Walter Award for outstanding services to reconciliation, which recognises his commitment to conflict resolution at both national and international levels.

Andrew Paton recently joined Independent Mediators from Pinsent Masons LLP. He is ‘a first-class mediator, and undoubtedly one of the best around’. Clients praise Paton for ‘his ability to stay on top of the documents at all times; his great eye for detail; and his understanding of issues from both a legal and commercial perspective’.

Nicholas Pryor at Independent Mediators has to date successfully mediated approximately 1,150 commercial disputes. He is ‘very amiable and empathetic to parties, going above and beyond to build trust with opponents, which enables settlement on the day’. Clients also appreciate Pryor’s ‘laconic but forceful style, which is very effective’.


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