In House Seminars

Our mediators are experts at what they do and have a huge amount of experience which they are delighted to share. To this end we offer a range of talks which normally take place over a lunchtime or late afternoon whichever is preferred. Typical run time is one hour with time for questions. Usually two mediators from Independent Mediators would deliver the talk at your offices or online using your preferred platform. Listed below are some of the topics covered but we are more than happy to tailor these to specific requirements or answer any specific questions you may have from experiences encountered.

Mediation - The Lawyer's role

Some examples of the topics covered in this talk are as follows:

– Lawyers’ role – how to get the most out of meditation

– Effective preparation – before and during the mediation

– Assessing suitability for mediation

– When should counsel and/or experts attend?

– Why do some mediations not settle?

– Negotiation tactics

– Do’s and don’ts from a client and legal team perspective

– Opening Meetings

– Splitting into groups

– Use of Experts

– The methods of achieving settlement

Online Mediation

At Independent Mediators, we have all the facilities to offer mediation online. Our team of mediators have conducted many mediations online. This has included cross-border mediations involving multiple parties across several time zones.

Although unfamiliar to some, these systems work in a straightforward way. We are currently using Zoom as our preferred platform (others are available) particularly because it offers the facility of secure separate breakout rooms for separate parties. In the case of the cross border mediation, where a national firewall prevented parties in one jurisdiction from using Zoom, we worked with parties on two separate platforms. We are confident that the processes can give the opportunity for successful mediation.

This session can be run in the format of a mini mediation in that attendees will be put into breakout rooms and asked to provide questions which are dealt with in a plenary session. This gives participants the opportunity to experience the platform and being moved (virtually) from one room to another. The mediators also share tips for mediating online.

Mediating International Disputes

Some examples of the topics covered in this talk are as follows:

– Match Process to the Dispute

– Characteristics of International Disputes

– Agreement to Mediate

– Process Design

– Language and Culture

– Dispute or Conflict

– Negotiations in International Disputes

Mock Mediations

The aim of the mock mediation session is to demonstrate the process involved in conducting the mediation of a commercial dispute in a ‘live’ scenario. It allows those that haven’t yet been involved in a mediation to experience first hand the process and mediation techniques used.

This may be suitable for trainees within the firm, newly qualified solicitors or clients that you have spoken to about the process that may need to attend mediation on behalf of their organisations and would like to understand what this would entail.

We can run sessions purely for your own teams and also for your clients.

The mock mediation will be led by one of our mediators and based on a fictional, but realistic, dispute. It can then run in one of a number of ways including:

– Your own firms lawyers taking on the roles of clients and advisors. The event runs as a ‘show’ with the audience watching the action unfold. This is best for a one hour lunchtime / late afternoon session.
– Alternatively we can run a longer session with teams allocated roles such as the different parties, advisors, etc. with our mediator coordinating. This gives the attendees the opportunity to run through positions and discuss approach.

Whichever scenario is used there will be plenty of time for discussion and questions about what has been seen and how to get the best from mediation.


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