Preparing for mediation

Preparing for mediation

Effective preparation for mediation can significantly improve the likelihood of reaching agreement, and even the terms of settlement. We have put together some simple documents to assist in the preparation and planning stage of the mediation. Copies of these documents are available to download below.

Organisation of a Mediation

This includes sections on selecting a Mediator, venue/date requirements, representation at the Mediation and liaising with the Mediator.

IM – Organisation of a Mediation – 2022

Preparing for a Mediation

This includes sections on who needs to be at the Mediation, knowing your case, what to include in the Mediation Case Summary and the Bundle, pre Mediation discussion and ending the Mediation.

IM – Preparing for a Mediation – 2022

The Mediation Day

This includes sections on the process on the day, the opening session, caucus sessions, other tactics and the conclusion of the Mediation.

IM – The Mediation Day – 2022

Opening Joint Meetings

This includes hints and tips on how to maximise the effectiveness of the opening joint meeting.

IM – Opening Joint Meetings – 2022

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