We are delighted with the rankings and are extremely grateful to all our instructing solicitors and clients for their support in helping us to both achieve and maintain them.

All our mediators are listed in the top tiers of the leading independent directories.

Legal 500 2024

We are delighted to announce that all of our members are listed in tier one of the mediators section in the new edition of Legal 500 released in October 2023. This year also saw all those listed in the Legal 500 Hall of Fame which was launched in 2018 maintain their position. Legal 500 say, ‘The Legal 500 Hall of Fame highlights individuals who have received constant praise by their clients for continued excellence. The Hall of Fame highlights, to clients, those who are at the pinnacle of the profession.’

LEGAL 500 2024

Stuart Chapman shows a high degree of empathy, but with sufficient steel to challenge views in order to get the parties to accept the reality of their respective positions‘. Chapman’s practice covers a broad range of practice areas, including general commercial, construction and insolvency disputes, along with insurance, partnership, professional negligence and shareholder claims. A former partner and head of litigation in Pinsent Masons LLP‘ Leeds office, Chapman has handled over 650 mediations since he began mediating in 2008.

Rebecca Clark is described as ‘tenacious, energetic and articulate in encouraging the parties to narrow the gaps between them and reach an agreement‘. Clark mediates a wide range of commercial disputes, but is particularly well known for her financial services expertise and disputes involving SMEs. In addition to being appointed as a member of the Court of Appeal specialist mediator panel in October 2021, Clark became the Chair of the Civil Mediation Council in June 2022, the first female mediator and non-judicial holder of such office..

Phillip Howell-Richardsonhas great empathy with the parties. He is able to convey to them that he is invested in the outcome of their dispute, building trust and confidence‘. A full-time independent mediator since 2005, Howell-Richardson’s recent experience includes the mediation of commercial contract claims, and international disputes involving governments, companies and individuals, as well as finance, banking and insurance disputes. Additional areas of strength include professional negligence claims, and mediations concerning insolvency, engineering, oil and gas, IP, and property. Of the cases that Howell-Richardson mediated during 2022/23, claim values ranged from tens of thousands of pounds, to tens of millions of pounds, along with a mega-value claim for between $3bn and $4bn.

Kate Jackson is ‘One of the very best mediators around‘, ‘she quickly gains the trust of parties with her friendly approach. Her calm manner, keen intellect and common-sense pragmatism, mixed with quiet steeliness (when necessary), help resolve disputes that appear intractable‘. Qualified as a lawyer both in England & Wales and New York, Jackson recently mediated over 40 high-value, complex commercial mediations, including multi-party and multi-day mediations. In addition to her thriving commercial mediation practice, Jackson mediates specialist areas, such as media, sports, art, aviation, trusts and online gambling; and of the cases that she mediated in 2022/23, the claim values ranged from hundreds of thousands of pounds to £800m.

Michel Kallipetis KC  has been appointed in approximately 1430 mediations since joining Independent Mediators, is ‘practical and has the gravitas to compel clients to consider the upsides and downsides of litigation seriously. This is invaluable in mediation settings, particularly when emotions are running high‘. The former head of Littleton Chambers, Kallipetis mediates a wide range of disputes, in relation to partnerships banking, insurance and re-insurance, employment claims and pension rights, and solicitors and valuers’ negligence. Other areas of strength are medical negligence, personal injury, and construction, engineering and commercial disputes; and several of Kallipetis’ mediations are multi-party disputes, while some involve international companies and the laws of other countries.

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones qualified as a commercial mediator in 1991, he ‘earns the trust of parties quickly and retains warmth and humour. He doesn’t give up‘. Lloyd-Jones has been appointed in over 850 mediations during his mediation career, his practice particularly focused on professional negligence claims against solicitors, accountants, architects, surveyors, IFAs and insurance brokers. He is also experienced in claims for fraud-based restitution, breaches of restrictive covenants by departing employees, insolvency disputes, and construction and property matters. Lloyd-Jones’ career also includes serving on the ADR Committee of the Law Society of England and Wales for six years.

Mark Lomas KC  has been appointed in approximately 1105 mediations since joining Independent Mediators as a full-time mediator in 2009, he has the ‘ability to grasp the key issues quickly and encourage the parties to consider both the strengths and the weaknesses of their case‘. Other clients appreciate Lomas for being ‘thorough, calm, personable, and hugely experienced‘. An accredited mediator since 2001, Lomas averages approximately 70-80 mediations a year; and his recent mediation work includes disputes involving professional negligence claims against solicitors, accountants, architects, financial advisers, and insurance brokers, as well as claims concerning insurance, probate, property, trusts, commercial matters, and insolvency.

Bill Marsh has the ‘ability to engage with difficult personalities and maintain a pragmatic and holistic approach‘. A full-time mediator since 1991, Marsh’s busy mediation practice covers a broad range of commercial disputes, including commercial contracts, product liability, insurance, professional negligence, and shareholder issues. His experience further extends to sports, medical negligence, pensions, IT and shipping-related mediations. Marsh also maintains a robust international practice that incorporates parties from over 30 countries, including India, France, Canada, US, Switzerland and Spain; and he is founding director of consulting firm Conflict Management International, through which he has worked with over twenty governments on dispute resolution issues.

Andrew Paton  is ‘particularly good at understanding the drivers and personal motivations, and targeting them to resolve the issue‘. A former partner at Pinsent Masons LLP, Paton has mediated approximately 1360 mediations to date; and during 2022 he handled over 65 cases, more than half of which concerned professional negligence claims against solicitors, barristers, accountants, architects, engineers, surveyors, financial advisors and insurance brokers. An accredited mediator since 1990 and former chairman of the Association of Midland Mediators, Paton is also highly active in relation to construction disputes, with the balance of his practice split between disputes over insurance, property, shareholders, torts, Trusts, and commercial issues.

Jane Player A mediator since 2001, Jane’s ‘manner is perfect for making parties see the sense in settling a case. She is not overbearing, but she does emphasise the real issues inherent in the parties’ respective cases’.  Appointed directly by corporations and in-house counsel, as well by law firms, Player’s practice covers general corporate and contractual claims, fraud and project-related disputes, as well as Pharma, energy, technology, IP, and media-related claims. With notable experience in international dispute resolution, Player is also widely respected for her management of the cross-cultural aspects of joint venture and international shareholder conflicts.


Chambers Directory 2024

Independent Mediators were once again recognised as one of the UK’s leading mediation chambers by Chambers and Partners in their latest edition released in October 2023 with all ten of our mediators featuring in the top bands.


Stuart Chapman enjoys a healthy reputation for his abilities mediating domestic and international commercial disputes. His broad practice incorporates experience in company law, intellectual property and professional negligence claims, among others. He’s extremely capable and not easily flustered. He’s in control and has a plan.” He has a very calm demeanour and it never feels like the process is getting away from him. He’s prepared to canvass ideas based off his experience where it may help to move things forward. He’s one of the best.” His particular skill is handling and inspiring confidence from difficult people. He’s commercially astute and realistic, keeping matters moving and preventing parties from getting bogged down over minor issues.”

Rebecca Clark displays particular strength in financial services-related disputes. She is routinely called upon to handle matters concerning professional negligence, insolvency and fraud, among others. Rebecca is very good at getting to the bottom of what’s really in dispute. She’s very good at cutting through the legal side of it and getting to the nub of the more emotional side. She’s also great at identifying whether it’s worth pursuing a legal point or whether we’re looking at more of a personal legal matter.” Rebecca’s really friendly, charming and very easy to work with. She gets on very well with all the parties and solicitors but at the same time is perceptively steely. She wants to get a resolution and is incredibly tenacious and will not give up. She’s innovative, flexible and great to work with.” She’s very good at getting the parties engaged and thinking how best to solve a problem. She’s really excellent.” Rebecca Clark is very good and manages to complete settlements keeping everyone calm. She is much in demand, like all good mediators.

Phillip Howell-Richardsonoperates a leading commercial mediation practice and has a formidable track record of handling banking and finance, insurance and professional negligence claims. He also possesses expertise in construction and energy cases. “A very experienced mediator with very good follow-up and aftercare if the dispute doesn’t settle on the mediation day.” He’s particularly good on cases where there’s different people involved; he’s an expert at navigating those. He’s really good at talking parties through the process and the nitty-gritty and is very good with clients. He has the right balance of seriousness and being polite and friendly that’s appropriate for a mediator.” “He always has a very good grasp on the facts and is very good at homing in on the key issues of the case. He’s very good at dealing with clients and parties who are very emotionally invested in the case.

Kate Jackson is a pre-eminent mediator with foremost abilities in financial service sector cases, where she leverages her experience working in investment banks. She is also strong in insurance and professional negligence matters. I learn from Kate during mediations. What’s most impressive is how extremely good she is at calming parties to keep them willing to negotiate. She doesn’t pull any punches and is frank and stands her ground. She’s persistent and ensures we’re committed to the deal, keeping it moving and reaching a settlement.” “She’s a great mediator. The clients warm to Kate – she’s clear and concise and really reads the room, which helps.” Kate approaches all of our mediations with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. She works tirelessly to help bring the most intransigent defendants to the negotiating table.” Kate is extremely approachable and considerate of the parties. She has an ability to get the job done efficiently but also sympathetically, which is a real skill.”

Michel Kallipetis KC of Independent Mediators is a highly regarded mediator whose practice is active across a range of commercial claims. His experience includes mediating professional negligence, insurance and property matters, among other disputes. He’s an absolute master; he’s my first choice. He’s very good with clients and getting people to see the reality of the situation but in a charming way. He’s also good at knocking heads together in a non-confrontational way.” He’s the most formidable presence in the mediation circuit, and I give him my most difficult mediations. He deserves his fine reputation and works very hard to settle his cases.” A very experienced mediator with a lot of gravitas, which is helpful when you need to persuade people to think about settlements. He’s very accessible and a very safe pair of hands.”

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones is experienced across a variety of cases. “My go-to mediator. He has such a calming manner that he can take the heat out of any situation. He’s really good at getting people to reflect and focus on what’s important. He has a great manner with people. He’s the consummate professional but he can also take mediations to a different level; he’s a standout.” I enjoy working with Jonathan. He’s persistent, approaches cases with commerciality and is very helpful throughout.” Jonathan is very knowledgeable about this area of the law and manages to achieve a careful balance of being efficient and no-nonsense, while always keeping an eye on trying to bring the parties to an amicable middle ground.”

Mark Lomas KC is considered a go-to for the mediation of significant commercial disputes. He is particularly experienced in professional negligence disputes, and is also strong in financial services and contractual cases. Mark is fantastic; he’s the best mediator I’ve worked with. He’s able to cut through the issues in no time and ensure parties get to a resolution pretty quickly in the same day. His legal knowledge and views on a claim influence you as a solicitor and help to resolve the matter.” “Mark is a highly experienced and wise mediator.” He’s the best commercial insurance and professional negligence mediator out there. He’s a good evaluative mediator and tells you what he thinks. He’s completely trustworthy and has a wonderful manner with both sides. He’s always prepared and is wonderfully hard-working.” “The grand master of professional liability mediation.” Mark is one of my go-to mediators. He’s probably one of the leading mediators in his area. He’s very good with all sorts of disputes and gets to the heart of the issue really quickly. He breaks the complex disputes down, is excellent at multiparty disputes and is extremely strong.”

Bill Marsh excels at mediating high-value and international commercial disputes across a broad range of industries. He’s one of the best-known mediators around. He has a good client manner and is excellent with lay clients.” Bill is really impressive. He’s very realistic in terms of setting expectations. He has a good manner and tests boundaries without being confrontational.” He is very connected to the mediation. He appreciates the tension and takes the time to understand frustration and what the clients are trying to achieve. He goes above and beyond and invests a lot of time in reading the material.

Andrew Paton is “a very experienced and talented mediator and is very good at navigating the parties’ emotions. Andrew brings a certain gravitas and stature which ensures results. He’s not afraid to call it, enabling the parties to get to a point where they can achieve a result.” He’s just so proactive in getting people to a point where they can agree. He very quickly gets to the main matters of the issues and has an incredible ability to get people to think about commercial realities rather than the stricter legal merits of the case. He’s very good at organising people and getting them to the place they want to be. He’s a successful mediator.” Andrew is an excellent mediator. He’s calm, measured and personable – an excellent skill set for a mediator. His approach is subtle but engaging, helping to find outcomes to difficult cases.” “He is affable in a way that lay clients find reassuring, while still being extremely knowledgeable as to the law and not afraid to ask both sides to confront hard truths about the merits of their respective positions.”

Jane Player mediates on a range of commercial and contractual disputes, with experience in IT, intellectual property and media-related cases. She mediates disputes that are both domestic and international in scope. Jane is gentle but steely. She’s able to demonstrate empathy and understanding while at the same time being able to speak frankly and increase pressure on parties to achieve compromise when it’s needed. All round she’s highly personable and professional, managing to achieve excellent results.” “Jane is incredibly impressive. She’s thorough, clear and plays a significant role in the success of a mediation.” “She’s really good. She’s very organised, commercial and has really good authority. The parties really take on board what she says.”

Who’s Who Legal: Commercial Mediation 2023

Internationally, our mediators feature in Who’s Who Legal: Commercial Mediation 2023. The latest edition of this directory was released in September 2023. It features more than 500 practitioners from across the world who have been identified as prominent figures in the market. We are thrilled to announce that all ten of our mediators are listed.

The directory also includes a list of Global Elite Thought Leaders from the main listing. We are delighted to announce that four of our mediators feature in this list, Phillip Howell-Richardson, Michel Kallipetis KC, Bill Marsh and Jane Player.


See below quotes from Who’s Who Legal on each of our mediators. Click on the mediators name to take you through to their profile page and CV.

Stuart Chapman

“Stuart is calm, measured and authoritative”
“He tailors his approach depending on the room to increase his impact”
“He impressively marshals opposing sides to settlement”

Rebecca Clark

“Rebecca has a brilliant temperament – she is nice to deal with but can be firm when she needs to be”
“She reads the mood in the room and can work well with different personalities – she is very emotionally intelligent”
“She is impressive, bright, commercial and knowledgeable”

 Phillip Howell-Richardson is listed as a Global Elite Thought Leader.

“Phillip is an outstanding choice of mediator”
“He is wise and highly regarded within the community”

Kate Jackson

“She is extremely effective at persuading the parties to stay engaged in order for a solution to be found”
“She is calm and robust”
“Kate is good at suggesting creative solutions.”

Michel Kallipetis KC is listed as a Global Elite Thought Leader.

“One of the most experienced mediators in the UK and internationally”
“He is incredibly intellectual and the person you need on big cases”

 Jonathan Lloyd-Jones 

“Jonathan is commercial, personable and fair”
“He is an extremely experienced mediator and a pleasure to work with”
“He is a strong supporter of other professionals”

Mark Lomas KC

“He enjoys a fantastic reputation”

Bill Marsh is listed as a Global Elite Thought Leader.

“Bill has the ability to win the trust of all parties”
“He possesses immeasurable calm, authority and integrity paired with vast experience”
“Bill can praise a strong international reputation”

Andrew Paton

“Andrew comes highly recommended”

Jane Player is listed as a Global Elite Thought Leader.

“I highly recommend Jane”
“She is cool under pressure and very well prepared”
“She has an excellent reputation in the market”

Who’s Who Legal: Global Elite Thought Leaders – Commercial Mediation 2023

We are delighted to announce that four of our mediators feature in this list, Phillip Howell-Richardson, Michel Kallipetis KC, Bill Marsh and Jane Player.


WWL Thought Leaders is a new section which was launched in 2017. Who’s Who Legal explain this new feature as ‘bringing together for the first time the insight, expertise and wisdom of some of the world’s foremost practitioners. The individuals invited to participate in Who’s Who Legal: Global Elite Thought Leaders are individuals that are worthy of special mention owing not only to their vast expertise and experience advising on some of the world’s most significant and cutting-edge legal matters, but also their ability to innovate, inspire, and go above and beyond to deliver for their clients.’

All Mediators listed in top tiers of Legal 500 2024