We are delighted with the rankings and are extremely grateful to all our instructing solicitors and clients for their support in helping us to both achieve and maintain them.

All our mediators are listed in the top tiers of the leading independent directories.

Legal 500 2022

We are delighted to announce that all of our members are listed in tier one of the mediators section in the new edition of Legal 500 released in September 2021. This year also saw all those listed in the Legal 500 Hall of Fame which was launched in 2018 maintain their position. Legal 500 say, ‘The Legal 500 Hall of Fame highlights individuals who have received constant praise by their clients for continued excellence. The Hall of Fame highlights, to clients, those who are at the pinnacle of the profession.’

LEGAL 500 2022

Stuart Chapman has conducted over 500 mediations since he began mediating in 2008; and is ‘very capable, quickly grasps the issues and the detail of the dispute, and is effective in helping the parties narrow the issues and reach agreement‘. Chapman’s practice covers a broad cross-section of practice areas, including general commercial, construction, insolvency, insurance, partnership, professional negligence and shareholder disputes.

A full-time, independent mediator since 2005, Phillip Howell-Richardson is ‘calm, persuasive and patient; he gains a good grasp of the dispute and effectively ensures that the parties concentrate on the key points that are dividing them, so that the issues can be narrowed and a settlement negotiated‘. Howell-Richardson has over 30 years’ experience in mediating the most complex cases in the UK and internationally; recent claims mediated have involved commercial contracts, banking and finance, fraud, insurance and professional negligence, as well as insolvency, oil and gas, property, IP, employment and environment claims.

Working full time as a mediator since 2009, Kate Jackson joined Independent Mediators in 2015. She is described as ‘a fantastic mediator, who is calm, pragmatic and thoughtful‘. Qualified as a lawyer both in England and Wales, and New York, ex-Magic Circle litigator Jackson is experienced in handling high-value, high-profile disputes; and her clients range from large public and international companies to individuals with personal grievances.

Michel Kallipetis QC has ‘a non-judgemental and warm approach – for Michel, it is all about getting the result. He does not stamp his own personality on the mediation‘. Kallipetis, the former head of Littleton Chambers, regularly mediates disputes involving partnerships, banking, insurance and reinsurance, employment, personal injury, and solicitor, valuer and medical negligence claims. He also mediates high-value construction, engineering and commercial disputes, including referrals from the Commercial Court and the Technology and Construction Court.

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones is ‘impressive when dealing with clients – he makes them feel confident in the mediation process, and works extremely hard to get the parties to understand the risks they face and the benefits of settlement‘. Lloyd-Jones’s practice is particularly focused on professional negligence claims against solicitors, accountants, architects, surveyors, insurance brokers, and independent financial advisers. He also mediates insurance industry disputes, insolvency matters, claims for restitution based on fraud, and restrictive covenant breaches by departing employees.

Mark Lomas QC is ‘patient, persuasive, yet unassuming and has a very keen eye for knowing what will break a deadlock situation‘. Lomas ceased practice as an advocate in 2009 to devote himself full time to mediation and arbitration; and for approximately 12 years, he has acted regularly as mediator in a wide variety of disputes, in relation to commercial contracts, professional negligence, insurance, banking and financial services, construction, and probate and trusts.

Involved in full-time in mediation since 1991, Bill Marshbuilds trust right from the start of the process, and is calm, professional, thorough, friendly and commercial – he is also extremely measured in his approach, while being direct with clients when required‘. Marsh’s highly active mediation practice covers a broad range of commercial disputes (both UK and internationally), including commercial contracts, product liability, professional negligence, and insurance and reinsurance, along with shareholder, medical negligence, pensions, IT and shipping issues.

Andrew Paton is ‘just perfect for getting deals done where the parties need a push. He is solutions-focused, and always finds a way to get the parties talking – and early in the process‘. Paton – a former partner at Pinsent Masons LLP – has mediated in excess of 1,200 cases to date, and is particularly experienced in professional negligence claims involving solicitors, barristers, accountants, architects, engineers, surveyors, financial advisers and insurance brokers. He is also active in relation to construction matters, as well as property and commercial claims.

Jane Playergets to the heart of the issues quickly and effectively, cutting through irrelevant considerations, and focusing on what is important; and she is able to handle difficult personalities and sensitive issues. Jane is also commercial, and works hard to focus minds and ensure that the parties see the true alternatives to a negotiated settlement‘. Player focuses on general corporate and contractual claims, fraud and project disputes, including pharmaceutical, energy, technology, IP and media matters; and has particular experience in managing the cross-cultural aspects of joint venture and international shareholder disputes.

Chambers Directory 2022

Independent Mediators were once again recognised as one of the UK’s leading mediation chambers by Chambers and Partners in their latest edition released in October 2021 with all nine of our mediators featuring in the top bands.


Stuart Chapman of Independent Mediators enjoys a healthy reputation for his abilities mediating domestic and international commercial disputes. His broad practice incorporates experience in company law, intellectual property and professional negligence claims, among others.
“Stuart is a very good mediator – he gains everyone’s trust and confidence and has a detailed knowledge of the law.” “He is incredibly patient and able to build bridges in a very difficult situations. He sized up the parties very quickly and allowed them to have their say slowly before walking them to an acceptable middle ground.

Phillip Howell-Richardson of Independent Mediators operates a leading commercial mediation practice and has a formidable track record in handling banking and finance, insurance and professional negligence claims. He also possesses expertise in construction and energy cases.
He is an absolute genius and is very good at getting both sides to agree a deal.” “Phillip commands respect from everyone – he quietly builds confidence in the process and dissipates any nerves.

Kate Jackson of Independent Mediators is a pre-eminent mediator with foremost abilities in financial service sector cases, where she leverages her experience working in investment banks. She is also strong in insurance and professional negligence matters.
“Kate is an incredibly level-headed, calm and commercial mediator.” “She kept her eye on the ball and was very good at directing the discussion towards a settlement.”

Michel Kallipetis QC of Independent Mediators is a highly regarded mediator whose practice is active across a range of commercial claims. His experience includes mediating professional negligence, insurance and property matters, among other disputes.
“Michel is our mediator of choice – he has real gravitas and is able to gain the trust of both sides in order to bring the parties back together.” “He was very effective at bridging a substantial gap between the parties in order to achieve a good settlement.” “Michel has the ability to absorb the issues extremely quickly and then think outside the box to find ways in which the parties might reach agreement on certain points.

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones of Independent Mediators is experienced across a variety of cases. He possesses notable expertise in employment, professional negligence and insolvency-related disputes, as well as those arising in the construction sector.
“Jonathan is one of the leading mediators for professional indemnity claims – he is a very calm, experienced and charming mediator who helps clients get where they need to go without railroading them into any position.” “He’s a very clever mediator who quickly identifies and drills down on the key issues.

Mark Lomas QC of Independent Mediators is considered a go-to for the mediation of significant commercial disputes. He is particularly experienced in professional negligence disputes, and is also strong in financial services and contractual cases.
Mark combines the gravitas required to persuade reluctant parties that they should settle with incredible preparation and a detailed understanding of the case.” “He is rightly regarded as a pre-eminent mediator – he prepares so thoroughly and always cuts through the noise and gets to the core issues really quickly.” “Mark Lomas has the legal knowledge, gravitas and relationship-building skills to get people to focus on getting towards a settlement.”

Bill Marsh of Independent Mediators excels at mediating high-value and international commercial disputes across a broad range of industries. His expertise covers professional negligence, employment and commercial contract cases.
“Bill is an absolutely first-class mediator who adapts and adjusts to the dynamics of the people and the dispute.” “He brought a strong measure of calm and authority to the negotiations and was able to gain the confidence of the opposing factions. He is superb at dealing with people and is willing to listen and sympathise but stays very commercial when it comes to the negotiations.”

Andrew Paton of Independent Mediators is an expert mediator with a wealth of experience in professional negligence disputes. He is also experienced in insolvency, partnership and employment cases.
“Andrew had a good grasp of the key facts and issues. He was frank when it was apparent that on certain issues a middle ground could not be achieved, but continued to work to try and narrow the gap overall.”

Jane Player of Independent Mediators mediates on a range of commercial and contractual disputes, with experience in IT, intellectual property and media-related cases. She mediates disputes that are both domestic and international in scope.

Who’s Who Legal: Mediation 2021

Internationally, our mediators feature in Who’s Who Legal: Mediation 2021. This is the eleventh edition of this directory and was released in August 2021. It features more than 400 practitioners from across the world who have been identified as prominent figures in the market. We are thrilled to announce that all nine of our mediators are listed.

The directory also includes a list of Global Elite Thought Leaders from the main listing. We are delighted to announce that two of our mediators feature in this list, Michel Kallipetis QC and Bill Marsh.


See below quotes from Who’s Who Legal on each of our mediators. Click on the mediators name to take you through to their profile page and CV.

Stuart Chapman has“ a very calm and considered demeanour which puts clients at ease” and “he is clearly extremely well prepared and able to zone in on the key issues from the very beginning.”

 Phillip Howell-Richardson has an impressive profile in commercial disputes. He “is a highly impressive mediator,” “a top choice for commercial disputes” and “he always has the confidence of the parties.”

Kate Jackson“has developed an outstanding reputation in the field” and “she has a very effective approach and mediation style”.

Michel Kallipetis QC has a vast amount of experience and is distinguished as “a very dedicated professional with a long-standing reputation in mediation.” “He is an incredibly creative mediator.” “He’s excellent with all parties, even with the most difficult personalities imaginable.” He is also listed as a Global Elite Thought Leader. He is the WWL Mediator of the Year for 2020.

 Jonathan Lloyd-Jones “is a standout mediator” and is “always very prepared and on top of the details.”

Mark Lomas QC is regarded as being “in the top ten” mediation specialists in the market by sources who say he “is always very well prepared and very evaluative”.

Bill Marsh has “a great reputation” among sources who note he is “simply one of the finest and always a pleasure to engage with.” He is a “go-to – his calibre and quality are simply fantastic.” Respondents “highly recommend his style and approach” and exalt his “very successful” mediation practice. He also features on the list of Global Elite Thought Leaders in mediation.

Andrew Paton is “a favourite mediator” with a wealth of experience in professional indemnity disputes. Respondents note: “He always gets it done.”

Jane Player is “a superb mediator” with strong experience in international disputes. Sources add: “She takes a very effective and nuanced approach.” “Jane is one of the top ten mediators in the UK for sure.”

Who’s Who Legal: Global Elite Thought Leaders – Mediation 2021

We are delighted to announce that two of our mediators feature in this list, Michel Kallipetis QC and Bill Marsh.


WWL Thought Leaders is a new section which was launched in 2017. Who’s Who Legal explain this new feature as ‘bringing together for the first time the insight, expertise and wisdom of some of the world’s foremost practitioners. The individuals invited to participate in Who’s Who Legal: Global Elite Thought Leaders are individuals that are worthy of special mention owing not only to their vast expertise and experience advising on some of the world’s most significant and cutting-edge legal matters, but also their ability to innovate, inspire, and go above and beyond to deliver for their clients.’

Independent Mediators awarded Who's Who Legal Mediation Firm of the Year 2020


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