Online Mediation

Online Mediation

At Independent Mediators, we have all the facilities to offer mediation online. Our team of mediators have between them conducted hundreds of mediations online in 2020. This has included cross-border mediations involving multiple parties across several time zones.

Although unfamiliar to some, these systems work in a straightforward way. We are currently using Zoom as our preferred platform (others are available) particularly because it offers the facility of secure separate breakout rooms for separate parties. Our mediators have also worked with parties on two separate platforms. We are confident that the processes can give the opportunity for successful mediation.

We have also developed an Online Mediation Protocol for the conduct of mediation online which we are happy to discuss with you.

We are absolutely confident that we can continue to make mediation work for you in these difficult times.

We are happy to answer any questions you or your clients may have.


Independent Mediators Online Mediation Survey Results

In the summer of 2020 we undertook a survey of the people who use our mediation services to discover what they thought about online mediation. Since the end of March 2020 our mediators have undertaken over 340 days of mediation online.

The survey was conducted on an anonymous basis using an internet-based questionnaire. The majority of respondents were solicitors/ lawyers (85%) with the remainder being mediators/negotiators.

To see the full survey results please click this link – IM-Online Mediation Survey Results July 2020 

Particular highlights:

–  Over 90% of those who have already taken part in an online mediation would do so again.

–  Over 80% who have not yet taken part in an online mediation would be prepared to do so.

–  Over 40% would take part in a mediation where some attendees were physically together and others attended online.

–  Time savings and costs savings were the top two advantages listed for online mediation.


How does it work - Online Mediation

This is how it operates. As with our normal practice we start the process once you have chosen IM to provide your mediator. All parties are sent a link and get online to Zoom. You do not have to pay a fee to join.

Once you accept the invitation to join the mediation you and your clients are placed in a virtual waiting room and once we are all together the mediator will explain the process as usual and make sure that everyone understands how the virtual mediation will work. After the preliminary introductions, the mediator will place each party into its own virtual room. The mediator can then speak to each party separately or with the parties together. Instead of ‘shuffle diplomacy’ between actual rooms, the mediator does the same virtually by switching online from room to room. When the mediator is not with you, just as with an in-person mediation you and your clients can speak privately together. Everyone can see all the people in any one room and they the mediator. If you have clients in different locations, they have their own screen but are placed into the same ‘virtual’ room. You decide who shall be in your room. You can send the mediator a message to come and see you and the mediator can put you together with other parties if you wish to have conversations with them.

Documents can be brought up and shown on screen where necessary.

Once settlement is reached and reduced to writing it can be sent to each party in turn for signature, scanning and finalisation.

We are delighted with how well this process works and we offer it to you and your clients as a means in these difficult and strange times of continuing to discharge our respective professional obligations to assist parties in dispute to an efficient and cost effective resolution if that is what they wish.

Please click on the link below for our guide to Online Mediation and best practices

Online Mediation – Guidelines and Ground Rules



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