Eight out of eight!

Independent Mediators are very excited and proud to announce that all 8 of our members have been listed in tier one of the mediators section in the new edition of Legal 500 released this week. This is a tremendous achievement for all but particularly Jonathan Lloyd-Jones and Kate Jackson who have moved from tier two to tier one.

We are delighted with the rankings and are extremely grateful to all our instructing solicitors and clients for their support in helping us to both achieve and maintain them.

Full listings for each of our Mediators can be found below.

‘Highly-effective mediator’ Charles Dodson at Independent Mediators is ‘always prepared, hardworking and able to gain the trust of both sides’. Dodson impresses with his ‘friendly and approachable manner’ and ability to ‘test the parties’ cases with his considerable intelligence and experience’. He is also noted as ‘hugely experienced’ and a ‘first choice for difficult professional negligence cases’.

Phillip Howell-Richardson at Independent Mediators, in addition to his ‘substantial experience’, has ‘a brilliant legal mind and quickly grasps the core issues of the dispute and the key interests of the parties’. Howell-Richardson is also lauded as ‘someone who is quick at getting a handle on the dynamics of a dispute’ and ‘a personable mediator who is motivated to achieve a settlement and unwilling to accept that differences are unbridgeable’.

‘First-rate mediator’ Kate Jackson at Independent Mediators ‘can maintain the momentum of a mediation’ and is ‘very good at managing the expectations of lay clients and guiding them through the stresses and strains of the process’. Clients also note Jackson’s ‘approachable and calm but firm’ style, ‘willingness to go beyond clients’ expectations’ and ability to ‘convince parties to move on from their entrenched positions and historical grievances’.

‘Truly outstanding mediator’ Michel Kallipetis QC at Independent Mediators is ‘able to get straight to the nub of the issues’, ‘quickly gain the trust of the parties’ and can ‘deal with difficult legal questions and challenging personalities’. Clients praise his ‘intelligence, legal knowledge, and commercial awareness’ and ability to ‘bring the human touch that is required to ensure a successful outcome’. Kallipetis is also noted for his ability to resolve ‘high-value or entrenched disputes’.

The ‘charming, authoritative and thorough’ Jonathan Lloyd-Jones at Independent Mediators has ‘a strong practice and an enviable reputation’. Clients note that he ‘can play devil’s advocate and apply necessary and appropriate pressure at the key moments’. He is also praised for ‘his ability to think outside the box and to come up with alternative ways of attempting to get the parties to reveal their bottom line’.

Mark Lomas QC at Independent Mediators is a ‘stellar mediator at all levels’ and a ‘calm operator, even in difficult waters’, and ‘works very hard at getting the parties to settlement’. Lomas ‘has the gravitas necessary to command respect’ and ‘the charm and excellent personal approach to assist even the most determined litigants in finding a resolution’. Clients also note that he ‘is always prepared’ and ‘quickly gets to grips with the detail of the case, while at the same time focusing the parties on the key issues in order to seek scope for settlement’.

‘Top-notch mediator’ Bill Marsh at Independent Mediators uses ‘his gravitas, credibility and charm to persuade even the most difficult of parties to adopt a more conciliatory approach’. He employs his ‘even and relaxed style’ to ‘immediately gain the trust of the parties’. Clients also praise Marsh as ‘exceptionally well prepared’, ‘creative in finding solutions’ and able to ‘use his clear understanding of the legal issues to examine the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s argument’.

The ‘excellent’ Nicholas Pryor at Independent Mediators is ‘authoritative, creative and has commitment that can take a negotiation over the line into settlement’. Clients praise his ‘patient but robust approach’ and ‘relaxed and easy manner’. He is also noted as someone who ‘wins the trust of all parties’.

All Mediators listed in top tiers of Legal 500 2024