Nine out of nine! All our mediators recognised in Chambers and Partners 2023

Independent Mediators are very proud to announce that all nine of our members have been recognised in mediators section in the new edition of Chambers and Partners released in October 2022. This is a tremendous achievement for all.

We are delighted with the rankings and are extremely grateful to all our instructing solicitors and clients for their support in helping us to both achieve and maintain them.

Full listings for each of our Mediators can be found below. You can also click through to the mediators individual page (click on their name) to download their CV and see more information.

Stuart Chapman enjoys a healthy reputation for his abilities mediating domestic and international commercial disputes. His broad practice incorporates experience in company law, intellectual property and professional negligence claims, among others.“He had a calm and authoritative approach that clients liked. He gets to the nub of the issue very quickly.” “He’s calm, always well prepared and full of creative ideas. He’s very persuasive and explains suggestions in an understandable way.” “He’s a very impressive and thorough mediator.”

Phillip Howell-Richardson operates a leading commercial mediation practice and has a formidable track record of handling banking and finance, insurance and professional negligence claims. He also possesses expertise in construction and energy cases. “He is very experienced and is exceptionally good at getting on with the clients, instilling trust and respect.”

Kate Jackson is a pre-eminent mediator with foremost abilities in financial service sector cases, where she leverages her experience working in investment banks. She is also strong in insurance and professional negligence matters. “She’s great with the clients and is a calm mediator.” “She is a consummate professional.”

Michel Kallipetis KC of Independent Mediators is a highly regarded mediator whose practice is active across a range of commercial claims. His experience includes mediating professional negligence, insurance and property matters, among other disputes. “Michel was incredibly energetic throughout a very difficult mediation.” “He is very affable and gets to the commercial heart of the issue very quickly.”

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones is experienced across a variety of cases. He possesses notable expertise in employment, professional negligence and insolvency-related disputes, as well as those arising in the construction sector. “He’s fantastic – he’s very sharp, well prepared and asks the difficult questions. He’s very effective in mediation and gets to the heart of the matter quickly.” “He’s very easy to deal with, straightforward and incredibly good at managing difficult individuals.”

Mark Lomas KC is considered a go-to for the mediation of significant commercial disputes. He is particularly experienced in professional negligence disputes, and is also strong in financial services and contractual cases. “He has a very nice manner; he’s affable and inspires confidence.” “His ability to drill down to the heart of the dispute and get into the detail of it is what makes him an evaluative mediator. He gets the parties to look at the merits of their case.” “He is firm but fair and impartial, hard-working and always well prepared.

Bill Marsh excels at mediating high-value and international commercial disputes across a broad range of industries. His expertise covers professional negligence, employment and commercial contract cases. “He’s simply brilliant! Bill got to grips with the issues quickly and was very effective at defusing a fraught dispute.” “Bill is a very safe pair of hands for any mediation. He has gravitas and a wealth of experience behind him but is also very user-friendly.”  “He works hard in any mediation to persuade the parties to focus on achieving sensible and commercial settlements. He is calm and measured and manages to gain the trust and confidence of the parties.”

Andrew Paton is an expert mediator with a wealth of experience in professional negligence disputes. He is also experienced in insolvency, partnership and employment cases. He is one of the best mediators around. He’s particularly skilled in mediating face to face and appreciating the commercial reality of the situation.” “He impressively defused the tension in a case and kept the mediation constructive.

Jane Player mediates on a range of commercial and contractual disputes, with experience in IT, intellectual property and media-related cases. She mediates disputes that are both domestic and international in scope. “Jane is commercial and persistent.”



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