“Are Legal Disputes Just About Money?” Bill Marsh co-writes an article in CPR newsletter, “Alternatives”

Bill Marsh has co-written and had published an article in this month’s International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) newsletter “Alternatives”. The authors of this special report are four mediators, two from the US and two from Europe.

Drawing on their years of experience, each contributor describes and illustrates how mediators can and must dig beneath the presenting claims to succeed in really resolving a dispute. The article’s moderator describes how each contribution was written independently, and yet the contributions offer remarkably similar critiques and observations although each person brings to bear his or her distinctive perspective.

Bill Marsh focuses on the limitations and consequences of a binary process and the need to shape a better process that deals with the complexities of disputes.

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CPR Alternatives Article – VOL. 35 NO. 9 OCTOBER 2017 (002)

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