Double Award Winners! Who’s Who Legal Awards 2020. Mediation Firm of the Year 2020 and Mediator of the Year 2020.

We are delighted to announce that we are double award winners! We are extremely grateful to all those who recommended us and are exceptionally proud recipients of both awards.

Independent Mediators awarded the Who’s Who Legal Award for Mediation Firm of the Year 2020 for the second consecutive year.

Michel Kallipetis QC awarded the Who’s Who Legal Award for Mediator of the Year 2020.

This is a magnificent achievement for both the firm and Michel and cements our position as one of the leading mediation chambers in Europe.


How are the WWL Awards determined ? Please see below from WWL……

‘In judging the WWL awards we study the nominations made by clients and fellow professionals. Our bespoke database weights each recommendation according to the standing of the nominator: so a vote from the general counsel of a major corporation or one of the practice area’s leading lights carries greater weight than that of a less frequently nominated lawyer. The individual who scores highest in our research is named as WWL Lawyer or Expert of the Year.

The firm awards are determined by the number of its members that feature in the publication as well as by the number of nominations its lawyers or experts have received during the course of the research.

We also give WWL awards to the outstanding firms in major jurisdictions around the globe. These are also determined by the number of nominees a firm has in the publication and by their standing within the research.’


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