Bill Marsh and Michel Kallipetis QC speak at the International Academy of Mediators annual conference

Virtual Conference for IAM Members and mentees which took place on 16 October 2020 with over 180 participants from 14 countries.

Michel Kallipetis QC featured on a panel with speakers from the UK, California, Spain and  Switzerland, discussing “Mediation Confidentiality: Myth Illusion or Endangered Species?” Confidentiality is the cornerstone of the discussions we have as mediators. The scope of confidentiality is constantly being challenged by developments in commerce, technology, and the way people relate to each other. IAM President-Elect Michel Kallipetis QC lead a discussion with Distinguished Fellows from around the world exploring the changing ambit of this foundation of our profession. Michel presented the case for more vigilance by mediators to avoid the situations which have arisen in Common Law jurisdictions and allowed the courts to set aside mediation confidentiality/privilege and compared the safeguards of the Civil Law.

Bill Marsh featured on a panel entitled, ‘The Perennial Dilemma:  Pericles or the Plumber?’ Given the current climate of immense societal change, what role, if any, should mediators play when resolving conflicts with competing views of societal norms? Are we just deal-makers or do we have a role to play in societal change?


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