All nine in the top tiers of Chambers & Partners 2020

Independent Mediators are delighted to announce that all nine of our members have been listed in the top bands of the mediators section in the new edition of Chambers and Partners 2020 released this month. This is a tremendous achievement for all.

We are extremely grateful to all our instructing solicitors and clients for their support in helping us to both achieve and maintain them.

Full listings for each of our Mediators can be found below. You can also click through to the mediators individual page (click on their name) to download their CV and see more information.

Charles Dodson of Independent Mediators is commended by clients for being “very energetic, likeable and good with difficult situations.” He offers outstanding mediation experience and has acted in a broad range of cases, including those involving professional indemnity, insurance and corporate takeovers.

Phillip Howell-Richardson of Independent Mediators is applauded by interviewees for being able to “understand the nature of a dispute, the positions the parties will take, and what is important to work towards a settlement.” His leading practice exhibits strength in a range of commercial mediations, including cases involving contractual, insurance and professional negligence claims.

Kate Jackson of Independent Mediators is applauded by interviewees for her “determined, smart and very astute” approach to mediation. Her first-class practice demonstrates expertise in financial services, insurance and professional negligence disputes, among others, and is appointed both domestically and internationally. One source reports: “Kate was fantastic to deal with and always very helpful.”

Michel Kallipetis QC of Independent Mediators is frequently instructed in heavyweight domestic and international disputes, including those concerning insurance, employment and professional negligence issues. Clients report that he is “in total command of the situation” and praise his “openness and willingness and ability to adapt.”

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones of Independent Mediators is described by clients as being “very commercial and sensible” and is praised for “always working hard to reach a solution.” His sterling mediation expertise is sought after in a variety of cases, including construction and professional negligence disputes. Interviewees report: “He’s good at managing individuals and lowering the temperature in the room.”

Mark Lomas QC of Independent Mediators is commended for his ability to “forensically untangle the issues and put them to each party.” His formidable mediation practice is a go-to for professional negligence and insurance disputes, among other commercial claims. Other sources admire his “strong technical and commercial analysis and diplomatic style.”

Bill Marsh of Independent Mediators is routinely instructed on high-value domestic and international mediations as they occur across a diverse range of commercial areas. Clients say: “Bill is calm and commands respect. He is technically able, gets the issues, and works tirelessly to help the parties find an acceptable solution.”

Andrew Paton of Independent Mediators is recognised for the wealth of experience he brings to commercial mediations, particularly those involving professional negligence claims. Additional areas of expertise include in construction and insurance cases. Sources describe him as “exceedingly personable, on top of the detail and not afraid to challenge the parties,” and appreciate that “he will do the best possible job to get a deal done.”

Nicholas Pryor of Independent Mediators handles high-value and complex mediations both domestically and internationally across numerous sectors, including banking and financial services. Clients highlight: “He’s very good at defusing tension and trying to find a commercial way forward. He’s a good diplomat in mediation.”

All Mediators listed in top tiers of Legal 500 2024